Jennifer Epstein of Politico reports that in an an interview with human events, Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana wants to make Congress part-time.

“We used to pay farmers not to grow crops, let’s pay congressmen to stay out of Washington, D.C.,” Jindal said in an interview with Human Events. “Mark Twain said that our liberty, our wallets were safest when the legislature’s not in session.”

He is on the right track. In my post of October 18, I listed a number of changes that could make government work better. Governor Jindal’s suggestions parallel mine, to some extent.

I’m happy to know that there are those in politics who recognize that a real fix for government may have to involve more drastic changes than simple Congressional rules changes.

Hurrah for those political leaders who, like Governor Jindal, push for real changes to protect our liberties!


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