April 8, 2011

Harry Reid, the senate majority leader, right now, with an angry look on his face, is enumerating all the terrible things that will happen if the government shuts down tonight, and of course, blaming it all on the Republicans. One of the things that will happen, he is saying, is that Americans “will not get the tax refunds that they earned.”

Reid, you despicable idiot, we didn’t earn the refunds–they’re our money to begin with! We earned the money in 2010 by working (if we had jobs, of course), and the federal government took it away from us each paycheck, and used it all year, preventing us from using it. But in your little mind the federal government is taking pity on us and giving some of it back to us. Your attitude disgusts me.

And as for your list of awful consequences if the government shuts down, will it be worse than the economic collapse we’ll suffer if you don’t quit spending money we don’t have? What we need is for Congress to pass a bill that shuts down all the unnecessary and unconstitutional federal departments and agencies, and keep the necessary bureaucracies operating. That will save us a bunch of money, stimulate the economy, relieve us of some absurd federal regulations, and make life better for all of us except the federal workers put out of work; but then, with the new private-sector jobs created by shutting down unnecessary government, there will be jobs available for them.

It burns my ass to hear you, President Obama, and your socialist running dogs, make emotional statements about the consequences of a government shutdown in an attempt to prevent the passage of a federal budget that reduces lush government spending.  A government shutdown certainly will be disruptive, but obviously not nearly so much as if you assholes in Congress keep spending and create economic disaster.

If you really want to prevent the government shutdown, Reid, and I suspect you don’t,  just shut up and vote for the budget bill! If the federal government shuts down tonight, I–and a great number of other Americans–will blame all those dire consequences you so angrily enumerated on you, the Senators who refuse to vote for the budget bill, and Obama.

So go ahead and vote against the budget bill, Reid, and precipitate a shutdown; but you and your fellow Democratic senators and the president will be the ones blamed for the shutdown, and you will suffer the political fallout of not cutting spending.