Either Obama will win a second term, or Romney will win the White House. I feel pretty confident of that prediction.

Will I be pleased with either result?

Obama has presided over a disastrous first term, not just because Bush screwed things up, but because he, Obama, has screwed up worse. I know that a great many people who voted for Obama in 2008 intend either to vote for Romney in 2012, or not to vote.

Romney has spent his campaign trying to find the right thing to say to get elected, never mind that he hasn’t spent past years doing the right thing, so we have no clue what the hell he would do as president, except continue, like Obama, to promote corporate interests and, like Obama, to spend our tax money profligately.  (An aside to all those who intend to vote for Romney because they think he is the lesser of two evils: There is no lesser of these two evils.) And a great many who really wanted the Republican party to nominate someone other than Romney may not vote.

I, like them, will not be pleased with either Obama or Romney. What the campaigns are calling “a clear choice,” is no choice at all.

Those disaffected with the Democratic and Republican candidates should consider voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal, but mostly for the preservation of our freedom and liberty. But I know they won’t. I cannot tell you how many people with whom I’ve talked say that they do not want to vote for Obama or Romney, but that a vote for a third-party candidate–even one with whom they mostly agree–is a wasted vote.

That isn’t true, of course. If you vote your conscience, it’s not a wasted vote. If all those disaffected people voted for Gary Johnson, what a statement that would make! If he were to capture a significant part of the vote, it would send a message to both the Democrats and the Republicans that Americans are tired of extreme partisan politics; that we want candidates to work for the good of all Americans, not just whatever faction or corporate interest they secretly represent; that we want politicians to listen to us and understand that they work for us, not the other way round, and that we want, above all, forever to be free from government oppression.

If Johnson were to come in second, beating one of the major party candidates in the vote, it would scare the shit out of both major parties. To the major party that came in third, it might mean that it no longer has legitimacy as a political party, and to the major party that won, the message might be “you’re next!” In either event, both major parties would scramble to pay attention to the voters, and that is what we want.

But, like I say, people are short-sighted and so timid that they will not have the guts to vote us out of the terrible mess that we’re in. People just don’t understand that the two major parties are confident that one of them will win this time, and the other one later, so they can continue this charade of being different while carting us down the path to fiscal destruction and social upheaval with impunity.

So my prediction stands: Obama or Romney will win, and America will lose.


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