It’s the day after the national election, and nothing’s changed. Obama’s still in the White House, the Republicans still control the House of Representatives and the Democrats still control the Senate. Oh, and the Cheshire Cat is still grinning in the tree.

The official presidential campaigns spent over $1 billion and nothing happened except that the TV networks got richer. We still will have gridlock for at least the next two years. (Things could change in 2014. The Democrats could regain control of the House, and in the event, if they retain control of the Senate, then it will be a replay of 2009 and 2010, in which period we got Obamacare.) God only knows what we would get if the Democrats regain control of Congress in 2014. But surely Americans are not so stupid as to do that again; in the election yesterday they kissed Obama’s ass big time, but still elected Republicans to control the House. All politics are local, it’s been said. Lest you think I’m pickin’ on the Democrats, I assure you I believe that were the Republicans in the same position, the fallout would be as bad, if slightly different.

But there is one thing looming that could cause big changes: A lame-duck Congress. It is the time when it could really rape us, as if we haven’t been fucked enough by Congress in the past 12 years (at least).

The lame-ducks will consider extending the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, a law that employs secret and unaccountable FISA courts and bureaucrats that authorize the federal government to spy on Americans with warrantless searches and forces libraries and internet providers to give the government information they want about Americans. The House already passed the extension, so will the Senate save us from this abomination? Don’t bet on it.

Congress failed to pass what Campaign for Liberty calls “the crown jewel in the national security police state,” cyber-security laws that would require internet providers to allow the federal government to see behind everything on the net. But you can be sure that Congress will try to pass it in the lame-duck session.

Republicans always have been statists to a significant degree (Bush got that constitution-screwing Patriot Act passed with the help of his Republican congressional majority), but the Democrats that were anti-statists during Vietnam have become even more statist than Republicans! We still have the Patriot Act even after two years of a Democratic president who had a Democrat-controlled Congress! Curious, isn’t it, that those who once were anti-establishment now are the establishment.

My Democrat friends will say that in this post I am lying about the Democratic Party and impugning the newly reelected president-who-can-do-no-wrong. My Republican friends will say that I am lying about the Republican Party. They all will defend the Patriot Act, the FISA Amendments Act, and the proposed cyber-security legislation as necessary for our security.

But how, then, will we be secure from our own government? If none of this happens in the lame-duck session, I will have fallen down the rabbit hole.


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